It was April 26, 1916

Our company was founded in 1916 by Giuseppe Bacci,
bank manager in Prato, together with his five children and it was named the
Tessitura Meccanica di Cotone e Juta (Mechanical cotton and jute weaving mill).
The business slows down because of the war that took the life of the
family's eldest son, Alfonso.


In the following years the four brothers hard work and dedication bears fruit and in 1925 the company launches its own collection of samples, taking its first steps in the wool industry and gaining respect and consideration from new and important customers.


This year witnesses the building of a new facility, but later on War World II will destroy everything and will disrupt the normal business activities. The Bacci factory closes down and Alessandro, the youngest brother, is accused of espionage by the Germans, killed and all the factory machines are destroyed.

It was April 26, 1916


The years 1945-50 are characterized by the will to rebuild and the Bacci family with the new vigour of the third generation made by Fracesco, Giuseppe, Alfonso, Mario, oins forces and not only rebuilds the factory, but adds the finishing department equipped with modern machinery: the company's new name becomes Lanificio Fratelli Bacci. It's the beginning of the first successful trade relationships with other countries.

1966: The Flood

The 1966 flood hit the factory, but once again the Bacci family, supported by its workers, friends, customers and suppliers is able to start up its business again.

The 70’s

In the 70’s the Lanificio Bacci production, organization and technology keeps growing through expansion works and the departments reorganization.

The 80’s

At the beginning of the 80’s the company becomes a joint-stock company and pervasively introduces information systems which will determine a more dynamics and flexible activity. During this decade the fourth generation joins the business, Alessandro, Cristina, Cecilia, Filippo, Francesca, Lorenzo, Serena, Luigi, Paolo and get in charge of the various departments and to these days a lively and fruitful work relationship bond together the different generations, where youth and experience, innovation and tradition complement each other.


The historical and economic turmoil occurred at the dawn of the XXI century, that symbolically started with the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York, has forced all the business activities to call into question not only their positioning within their target market, but even more so their economic and financial strategies. This newly established juncture has very different characteristics in respect to the dramatic events occurred the previous century. In the past, despite the challenges, a sector of the clothing industry existed anyway with its solid potential, falling asleep for a while but getting ready to start again as soon as the situation changed, but these days we witness to drastic and sudden changes by the side of the consumer orientations. In this context the clothing industry goes down the preference scale, and we are currently witnessing to a gradual but fast deterioration of the product quality that forces the textile companies to make strong efforts to maintain what they did well over the past decades.
The Lanificio Fratelli Bacci has successfully chosen the strategy to deliver quality and excellence, by understanding that the higher consumer segment appears to be least affected by the economic challenges, and fine fabrics such as cashmere, angora and camel fill an always growing space in our collections alongside with our wool typologies, the company's historical heritage.
Our continuous investments in equipment and technical systems allow us to address another pivotal point of our strategy: the customer service and the exclusivity. Together with its own product proposals, the Lanificio Fratelli Bacci can implement projects proposed by any of our clients, thus creating solid collaborations.