between the past and the future

Our pledge to maintain continuity between the past and the future can summarize the Lanificio Fratelli Bacci S.p.A. founding philosophy.
This Florentine textile company has always been characterized by the right synergism between old and new generations in order to find new cues and new market opportunities.
This is how we preserve the company's heritage, that has been built on the foundation of years of experience, and integrated with specific technological innovations.

Lanificio F.lli Bacci aerial view

Sixty, Ten thousands, One million

The Lanificio Fratelli Bacci covers an area of 10.000 square meters and about 60 fellow workers contribute every day to the company growth working earnestly and wholeheartedly. Our annual manufacturing potential reaches one million meters and our sales volume is made of a strong national component (about 40%) and an international one (about 60%). The company's sales network, widespread and well-developed, reaches every spot of the World market and the sales philosophy consists of an always growing willingness to cooperate with our customers in order to tackle with professionalism and optimism any issue concerning the preparation of their collections.

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